Saturday, 27 August 2011

My little artists and FWQAL Week 13

I forgot to upload the photos of my gorgeous little artists from yesterday.  It was a great day for them, and it was amazing to see some of the costumes others had come up with. I saw a preppie dressed up as a paintbrush and another as Mr Squiggle!  Very clever.  Of course there were quite a few kids with injured ears doing their best Van Gogh impression.

My loving artists...
and the back

Nate's bff was asked his favourite artist and he said it was "vicks and mango"  but he also liked "Pavlova Picasso"!!  ROFL   how cute is that!!

Now for my Farmers Wife Sampler Quilt Along.  It is Week 13 and I have been trying to make up for the 6 or so weeks I didn't do any blocks at all.   The only block I have missed so far is block 57 Morning.  I haven't been happy with the paper piecing templates that I have seen so far, I think I may have to redraft it myself to make it a bit easier.  I only have about 6 blocks to go now and I am up to date with my BOM.  I will get some more soon so will have another 5 to do then.  To make the 145 I need for a king size quilt I have to make an extra 34 blocks.  I have about 5 or so of those finished so when I get caught up with the BOM it will be a great chance to get some of those blocks ticked off the list.
Block 41 Friendship Star
I did this earlier by had missed photographing it somehow.

Block 69 Practical Orchard
this was an easy block to piece and I love how it looks

Block 70 Prairie Queen
not as happy with the colour combination in this block.

Block 71 Puss in the Corner
so pretty 

Block 72 Railroad
more of a challenge to piece but I love the end result

Block 73 Rainbow Flowers
easy to make and very cute

Block 74 Ribbons
I am going to do a second version of this block, I really enjoyed making it.

Block 75 Rosebud
This block uses one of my favourite fabrics, I just love how it looks.

Block 76 Sawtooth
The red fabric is so pretty and I love how it looks in this block 
Block 77 Seasons
Easy block and very cute I think

Block 78 Shooting Star
Lot of odd shapes in this one, and it was not easy getting every seam to match!


  1. Your blocks look great. That is a lot of blocks. I was caught up until this week. I need two more blocks to get to 26. I like your retro color scheme. Saw your FW Yahoo group post and clicked on your blog to get here. I am enjoying your posts.

  2. Wow! Your block look great and I love your quilt sampler sidebar. It looks great!

  3. thanks for the lovely comments. I am having so much fun doing these blocks, they are not hard work even if some of them have been head

  4. Wow, you are doing so well on your blocks! They are lots of fun, I agree, but some of them are doing my head in too :) I just take it two at a time, and doing it for as long as it's fun LOL Your king size will be divine...but soooo much work!

  5. Wow ! Your blocks are great ! Love your fabrics choice .

  6. linni - thanks for your comment on my blog - i'm posting this here just in case my reply doesn't work (i think you're a 'no-reply' poster)

    your fwq looks great in the 30's style - most appropriate - and impressed you're going to do a king size - should look fabulous.

  7. thanks everyone. will work out the no reply thing at some point.

  8. Their shirts are way to cute! Loving your blocks. They are turning out really well. I can't wait to see the finished quilt. You are doing great catching up.

  9. all of your "R" blocks are so pretty--railroad, rosebud and ribbons. love those fabrics, too.