Wednesday, 17 August 2011

today I cleaned my house!

Not a truly exciting topic to be sure but its been a while coming.  Our little rental has been a huge mess since the big star wars party.  Stuff everywhere!
Then we have all been sick, in one way or another so the whole house has just sort of gotten out of control.

So today after dropping off the kids at school I got to work.  I washed and folded and even put away clothes!  I cleaned my bathroom and loo...not my favourite job I have to say, especially in a house full of males.   I vacuumed and swept and now my house looks fantastic.

Funny enough having the house back in order has also brought back my sewing mojo. It has been seriously missing the last few weeks.   I got back into my Farmers Wife Sampler and did another 3 blocks.  WIll post photos tomorrow if I get the chance.

Now its after midnight and I am really really tired and need to go to bed.  This SAHM feels like she earned her keep today.

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