Tuesday, 24 January 2012

FWQAL week something or other...maybe 31?

Really have to work on keeping track of what week this quilt-along is at!!

Its school holidays here in Melbourne and for us its a chance to kick back and do as little as possible.  It feels like during school term we are so busy running around to different activities that we don't get time to spend at home just playing.   So other than our week at the beach and a few days of get togethers with family and friends we have just hung out.  The boys have been having a ball on the water slide we bought their father for his birthday last week.  Yep he is my biggest kid.  Unfortunately he is too big a kid for the slide so he has had to miss out on the fun.

Right now back to the Farmers wife Sampler.

Here are the blocks I have finished since my last post.

Block 57 Morning
I had a lot of trouble piecing this one which is why its only just being finished now.  Its my humility block....its going in to remind me not to get too cocky about my abilities.

Block 91 Strawberry basket
I really like how the yellow and red pop with each other.

Block 92 Streak of Lightning
Would do this again but in a black/white combo next time, more stormy

Block 8 Bouquet version 2
This is the block that made me switch from hand piecing to paper /foundation piecing!  I  had tried so hard and the original came out so wonky it was really depressing.  Thats when I discovered Carol Doak's method of paper piecing and I haven't looked back.

Block 93 Swallow
I have really grown to like this block, it does bring the image to mind of a diving bird doesn't it.
Block 94 Tall Pine Tree
this has just turned out so pretty, very happy.
Getting close to finishing now which is pretty exciting and also a little daunting.  Now I have to put it all together!!
I have been debating just how to do it and what layout to use.  Although I like the sashing that Laurie has used on the original quilt its not what I want to do.   Debating using this layout by Michelle from the City Studio.  Just need to pick a background fabric.  White makes the most sense but I want to use this quilt on my bed and a white quilt anywhere near a male is not a great idea.   I have pink/purple/blue/green and yellow moda 1930's solids so I could choose one of them.  I would need to buy a few more yards of it though.  Yellow would work I think.  Decisions, decisions, decisions!

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  1. Yes, that layout is gorgeous - the best FW design I've seen. Sort of lets each block be it's own star - yet makes a nice design of the whole show. You know, white isn't as bad as you would expect. Between a husband and a cat that I have to sleep with every night... our white one has been on the bed since it was finished... earlier this year - and it still looks fine. I think once it's quilted it loses it's bright white and becomes lived in.