Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Farmers Wife Quilt Along Week 3 and more round robin

Haven't been as quick to sew my blocks this week, mainly because I have been working on the last round of the international round robin.  I am going to post a picture of where I am at so don't look Suzanne.....

But I did get my bum into gear on Sunday and finished my two blocks for the week.  I went back to the blocks I missed in week one, so here is block 59 Night and Day, and block 60 Noon and Light.

Block 59 Night and Day
I'm not completely happy with the contrast in this block.  I think it might have been more effective to have a plainer background, it would have shown off the block design more.

Night and Day

Block 60 Noon and Light

I do like the colours in this block, love the contrast of the blue and pink with just hints of the red.
Noon and Light

And then there is the matter of the round robin.

I have never made flying geese before, not sure why, just never have.
So I did what any self respecting quilter does and googled the instructions.
Found a heap of different sites that gave instructions, but not in the size I wanted (yes I am that retentive that I needed the sizes).  Then I remembered that I had a flying geese ruler given to me by a friend (Hi Sue) and so I rummaged around and found it.   I didn't actually use the ruler but it had all the measurements on it for what size to cut so off I went.
I basically cut a 6 1/2" by 3 1/2" rectangle and two 31/2" squares.  Laid a square over each corner and sewed across.  Yes I know I give crappy instructions...ok... not here to teach only to show off my brilliance!!

This is where the quilt is at now.... 
I put a little strip of the red on either end of the sand borders.

Now I am going to applique a little vine in the top right corner, with just a couple of red rosebuds on it and some leaves.

I have to say I am pretty happy with how its turned out, will post a photo when I am done.


  1. thanks for the comment on my blog. this qal sure is fun!

  2. loving it, I am all enthused again and sewing my blocks every week.

  3. Your Farmer's Wife blocks are great!! And thanks too for the sweet comment on my blog (enchanted bobbin) -- I truly appreciate it :)