Friday, 24 June 2011

My sewing room now...

I may have called this blog "sewn upstairs" but the reality is that at the moment I am not upstairs and won't be for another 12 months.

For the last year we have been renting a house near to our build.  Its a great little house really,  close to the kids school and to the train so hubby can get to work.

It only has three bedrooms for all of us so the two little guys share while our teen gets his own room.

My little sewing area was going to be in the back rumpus room with the kids.......until we started sizing up the spaces and realised our lovely square 8 seater table wouldn't fit.  There is a little dining room between the front lounge room and the kitchen but it's too small for the table.  Hmmm what to do, what to do!

Well the table ended up in the back room with the kids and the dining space became the perfect sewing area for me.

It meant I could bring along the sewing cabinet I had in our old house.  I love it, its painted green and all scratched up but I love all the different sized doors.  The middle top door is tin lined so its 50's era at least.

There was a handy nail already on the wall just waiting for my quilting hoop.

Printer comes in handing for paper piecing but would work better if I put the toner cartridge in

The monitor is a ring in from hubby.......
and that covered item underneath the hoop, the one with the brown thing on it..........well thats hubby's scroll saw.  Not very useful for sewing but we literally have no where else to put it safely.... :)

Cutting mats and rulers here too,
the black and white thing is three hat boxes full of projects I should be doing.

And the bean bag...well that needs the seam may be made tough but my boys are tougher!

Then there is the actual sewing area.

2 benches, one from Ikea that was a computer desk but now has my mini ironing board (also from ikea) and iron.  Great for putting lots of stash stuff under too.

The picnic basket holds all my farmers wife completed blocks.

The desk on the left was made by my late father in law Bob.  I inherited it so to speak and I will never get rid of it.  Its a perfect height for sewing.

The wall calendar and the electrical plan are for my new house...

There is a serious lack of storage in this house so every corner gets used.

This is some more of my stash, and some other gear that should be in our storage unit but won't fit!
As you can see my lounge room is on the left (thats my laptop on the ottoman) and the kitchen is on the right.  Not a big space but I get a heap done there.

My sewing desk is messy but I know where everything is.

Here it is ready for me to do some farmers wife blocks.  The pink tupperware containers are great, they were a gift from a friend who is a dealer.
I have all my baggies ready to go for the next lot of blocks and a scraps container too.

So thats my space.

Its about 3 metres by 2.8 metres but thats ok.  I think I am going to have more trouble working out how to set up the new space, its 7 metres by 6.1 metres, but its going to be fun to fill up!!


  1. Wow you won't know yourself when that lovely Jamieson attic is built! I currently have a sewing machine, overlocker, 2 huge rollaway tubs of scrapbooking gear, half finished tapestry cushions etc etc that haven't been touched for ages. Can't wait to get back to scrapbooking again, that's why I am taking lots of pics to scrap when I eventually get organized. Your quilting looks great, it's one craft I am yet to tackle - might have to get lessons from you!

  2. anytime Janine! I have a tub or two of scrap booking gear too, its all in storage at them moment though. Will have to find a space for that too I guess....LOL
    David is under the impression that because I have a room upstairs there will be no sewing stuff (or quilts) downstairs....sure Dave, sure...LOL

  3. Hi Linda - welcome to the world of blogging. Great fun isn't it - and so enjoyable to see just a glimpse of someone else's world. Regarding the saw in the sewing room - my friends husband has his diving harpoon next to the bed (lots of funny comments re: "I said not tonight honey!) - so it could be worse!