Thursday, 9 June 2011

Round Robins

I have been involved in quite a few round robins over the years, mostly with the Southern Cross Quilters group.

I did a couple that were Initial swaps.   This is where we made blocks for each other based on our our first initial. 

B is for Bec

"B is for Bec"

Beetle car,
 best friends, 

you get the idea.

C is for Cam
"C is for Cam"

Cricket (the sport not the bug)
cake and coke
McCam's chips

I found the most amazing pizza fabric for the border.  My son loved it. I backed this one with polar fleece and its really snuggly.

Hearts and butterflies

Then I tried to do a one that was a bit more girly so it was Hearts and butterflies.   I gave them the patterns and just asked them to pick fabrics.

Never actually got around to putting it together because as girly as it is, its just not me.  Its currently in pieces in storage.  It will reappear when we shift into our new house and I will decide what to do with it then.  Maybe one of my nieces will get lucky for Christmas?

Nate's On the Move
Nate's On the Move was simply anything that was boyish and was in motion.
Rockets, trains, jets, hot air balloons, tricycle, ambulance, skateboard, submarine,  totally fantastic. I really like the look of the stripey sashing too.  I spent the money on getting this one machine quilted and its a lovely quilt.

This lovely little cot size quilt was made by my Crafty Old Witch group and was donated to a child in a local appeal for Christmas presents.  Very sweet and yes its draped over the bonnet of hubbys car.

After doing all these quilts (and a few others) I was slightly bored with the more common angels, chooks and beach themes that were being done.

So I decided to do a bra's and undies quilt.
Bra's and Undies

I plonked a bra down in front of my daughters best friend and asked her to draw it. Luckily she was very talented at drawing and so she did.
I made a plastic template from the drawing that I sent off with the round robin.
I was pretty open with my request on this one, simply do a set of bra/undies or boxers in whatever fabrics float your boat.

This quilt was lots of fun to make and I was really pleased with the result.  I did get a couple of boxers but they didn't really work with the bra's so they were made into little bags for my boys.

I really love the way all the sets are so different.  The corset is to celebrate my wedding,  the bloomers by a women who felt she was too old for sexy undies....LOL

The pair that are third down on the right are actually made of a leopard skin fur print.  My young boys loved these best. :)
I made the blue set underneath.  They have sequins and crystals and were meant to look a bit like a belly dancers bra and undies.

In my old house the quilt hung right outside my bathroom and I often caught my boys standing there patting the leopard print.  ROFL

My claim to fame with this is that it was in Down Under Quilts in October 2009 about quilting and breast cancer.
When we were making this quilt my mum was battling breast cancer but she never got to see it made.   Its always been my intention to use my pattern to raise funds for breast and ovarian cancer research.

Then there is my big Country Lanes friendship quilt.

This is truly a friendship quilt, it was made with a collection of friends of mine, some who had never met, and some family members.

It is from a pattern by.Patchwork Pumpkin who do lots of country style quilts.   We started in 2001 doing our own top row and then sending it in the mail to the next person on the list.  I love this quilt because of who worked on it with me.

My sister made my cats,
my sister in law made my hearts
my mum made my houses 
my friends made all the others.

Now that my mum has passed away its even more special.

My darling mum Heidi never got to put her quilt together.   My sister split the rows up and made four smaller quilts each with two different rows used in it.

She finished them and gave them to my 3 of my 4 brothers (the other brother had one as his wife was the sister in law who made the hearts) and one to my mums only sibling, her sister.    

Yes this quilt is special, even if the colors are not what I would use now, it will always hang in my house.

I actually started writing this to show you my international round robin that I am working on.  But now I am too tired....LOL...will post that another day.

Oh and today would have been my Dad's 80th birthday.....miss you Dad and your wiggly ears.

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