Saturday, 18 June 2011

International Round Robin

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was doing an international round robin with The Patchwork Studio.

Then I got distracted by my other round robins and forgot to show you what I am working on.

We are at the last round now, I will be sending mine back to its Suzanne in NZ very soon.  You can read about her journey here.

The last round states we are to do 2 pieced and two appliqued borders, representing our favourite season.

This block is really vibrant and felt summery to me but thats not my favourite season so I have been in a quandry.

photo courtesy of Cathy in Florida who added the green setting triangles.
I have really struggled with how to represent my season but have gone for spring, when beautiful flowers are coming up and the ducks and geese are starting to reappear at the duck pond near our house.

Then it was off to chose fabric.  I do a lot of online shopping for fabric (its usually way cheaper) and there is no local shop here so the only logical choice was a visit to GJ's in Carlton.   I haven't been there in about 2 years and boy has their patchwork range many modern fabrics that I had never seen.  I took my lovely mother-in-law Shirley with me, she is not a quilter but we really enjoy going out shopping and spending time together.    Shirley (the non-quilter) fell for the French General Fa la la range of  fabric and has told me I am allowed to make her a quilt from it.    I see a Christmas pressie coming up don't you (although it may be Christmas next year so if you are reading this Shirley don' get too excited just yet.

With some help from the girls there and an nice big window for good light we chose these fabrics for the borders.

lovely fossil ferns for borders

The photo doesn't really show it but the sandy background has green splashes through it that match the setting squares in the block.
I have used the blue and the background to make flying geese blocks around two sides.  The other sides have only the background fabric at the moment.  I am planning on using the green for a vine or stem and small patches of red for flowers.  That part is not decided yet.
Will post an update with the photo of the flying geese tomorrow.

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