Tuesday, 7 June 2011

My blog cherry popped!

Why blog....well why the hell not!!

I lead an extremely interesting and varied life, I travel, meet famous people and .......Oh crap thats not my life.  :-)

So this is just a little of my life, mostly about what I am working on quilt wise at the moment but no doubt other stuff will creep in.

The red quilt used in the background on my blog is the first quilt I ever made.  Made in 1998 for my son C who was 7. 

 I made a similar one for his sister B who was 9 at the time. 

 I knew nothing about how to make a quilt properly. 

 No idea of the importance of seam allowances at all. 

 C's poor quilt has been fixed many times since as the seams gave way.  
The quilts were made from shirting fabrics my dad gave me, from a couple of panels from Spotlight and some florals that were given to me by the local quilt group.  They are still my kids favourite quilts.

When I made these quilts I was living in a little country town.  I started going to a local church's craft group and was totally hooked.   Not just on the quilting but also on the wonderful friendships that I made.  

The women in that group were all really different.  

There were gentle yoga lovers and the callused farm girls.  

It could get really interesting at times but they all loved their crafts and to learn off each other.

For the last 10 years I have been running my own group at my house and its all because of those women in that little country town.

Now here I am blogging about my craft adventure.  Welcome!


  1. Now I have put 2 + 2 together and have got 4 now I know who you are. What beautiful work you do. I have sewn, knitted, done cross stitch & tapestry and most recently scrapbooking, but have never done quilting. You will be in your element in your attic sewing room!

  2. Haha Janine, yep its me. I am trying to plan my room now, so much fun

  3. Hey I have to ask, how did you find me? I know we are linked somehow because of the blogs but I can't quite work it out..LOL