Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Farmers Wife Quilt Along

This week I discovered the Farmers Wife Quilt Along being hosted by Fussy Cut. 

I bought this book and started a block of the month program with Homestead Hearth in the US about a year ago.

When I started I was planning to hand piece them but after the first 8 I was over that idea.  I liked being able to take the blocks with me where ever I went but all those templates were bringing me down!

This is one of the early disasters.

Block 2 Autumn Tints

I really don't like this block, not the colors nor my sewing and I am going to redo all the ones I hand pieced at the start.

So then some lovely kind soul who realised handpiecing is not for everyone, came up with the paper piecing templates and posted them on another group I am in.


A long time ago I made a paper pieced needlecase and loved it, so I felt I could deal with the blocks.

So far I have finished 59 blocks out of 70 that I have received via the BOM.

I will eventually post them here, just have to master the art of the scanner or learn to take better pictures.

Here are my blocks for the QAL that leave no doubt as to my skill with the aforementioned scanner. :)

Contrary Wife

and Box. 
 This one was done by hand, it went all wrinkly when I scanned it and looks much better in reality.

I am doing my quilt in 1930's fabrics and am using the leftovers from the BOM (there are plenty) to make another scrap quilt.  More on that to come.


  1. Congratulations on taking the step to starting a blog! I have never heard of anyone scanning their blocks before - what a crazy and fun way to take pics of them - I just take plain old photos and upload those! I'd love to know where the paper piecing templates are for the quilt - are they in the Yahoo group - I bet the crowd over on Flickr would be interested in them too!

  2. Thanks Lynne. I heard that scanning them gives a nice flat image, I am a little blind so don't tend to photograph things well...lol
    I do have all the templates but as I didn't make them I am not sure if its ok to hand them over. Best thing is to join the yahoo group (there are over 800 people on that one) and download them from the site. Plus there are lots of other hints in their files. They also have the templates to hand peice it as well as rotary cutting instructions. Its a great site.